How the King of Campaigning nailed it in the 2014 Elections

There’s something about our Current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi. Now you might be a Right Winger that the Left wingers refer to as the “Modi Bhakts” or the Left Wingers who just hate him sometimes for no apparent reason. I am not here to discuss whether he’s a good Prime Minister or not, that’s for you to decide.

Being into Marketing I do find a lot of similarities between Modiji (for all the Left Wingers-Ji is cause he’s an elder and the Current Prime Minister of my Country and I am going to refer to him as Modiji in this article). You can love him or hate him. But you can’t disagree that he does know how to move the masses. He might not have a fancy degree like the other candidates but he could teach a lesson or two to them when it comes to organizing your Political Campaign (in my case, Marketing Campaign). So here are some pointers that I have learnt from Modiji-India’s current Prime Minister.

  1. Quantity Matters: Okay no one can disagree that BJP had the most numbers of Campaign drives as compared to any rival party when the Iron was hot. Now this is something that I have seen in the Indian Startups-they are not pushing enough content, the content frequency does matter a lot when it comes to success of your campaign-PERIOD!
  2. Trying Something New: Okay, how many Politicians did you see addressing the peeps with a 3D Hologram in 2014? The technology was there but nobody especially in the Biggest Democracy thought of it. Modiji didn’t hesitate either and in the end it looked cool while saving him a lot of time.
  3. Corporate level organized Rallies: Doing close to 200 ‘Bharat Vijay’ rallies in such a small amount of time could leave them a bit unorganized but that didn’t happen in Modiji’s campaing. Reason? He didn’t hesitate to recruit top Event Companies for the same.
  4. Individuality: He didn’t try to use the phrase “Ganga gaye toh Gangadas, Yamuna gaye toh Yamunadas” and try to blend in. He kept his Individuality trying to connect to the crowd by being Himself.

That’s about it for now. As you can see, i am going to make further additions/edits to this one. Any comments are welcomed.

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