“Hustle” the very word has been trendy for the past decade or so all thanks to the Influencers like Gary Vay-ner-chuk and it should be.

A quick google search gives you the meaning of Hustle as

hustle (ˈhʌs(ə)l): verb- to push roughly; jostle.
But the very word could mean a lot of things to different people. According to me, its simple. You’re hustling from the time you are born; till the time you close your eyes for good. Your first steps as a toddler, seems so simple, but think of the numerous falls before those shaky steps? Have you ever thought about admiring how so many complex muscles, nervous system, circulatory system, supported by the skeletal system (damn thats a lot of systems) come in harmony for that miracle? Similarly, the heart, every second it beats on an average of 1.16 beats per second. Sometimes its hustling more and sometimes even lesser. Each and every cell of your body is Hustling to the core.
If you’re not Hustling, you’re either dead or actually dead.
You know when you find something that you’re good at and you love it to the limit that you don’t wanna eat or sleep? (Not literally, Just imagine something that you’re passionate about to that level, but don’t ignore your health por favor)
So yeah, that’s the story of the first part of Hustlestan and of course if you’re a Desi or Central/Middle East Asian, you already know what the suffix -stan means; it means the “land of” or “place of” in Persian.
Now, a little bit about myself, my name is Deen, short for Deendayal Chanana, from Faridabad, borderline Delhite-Haryanvi but if there’s a Kabaddi match between the two, am rooting for the Steelers.
Been hustling ever since High School and had the privilege to work and learn in one of the Top Fortune 500s of the world for over half a decade. I like to study-people, companies, books, you name it. I have been a Tutor, Data Entry Operator, Event Organizer, Salesman and a Marketer but downright, I am a lazy guy (in a good way of course), just wanna point out one thing I highlighted in my resume-“Really good at minimizing human labor without compromising the quality of work.” and as funny as it may sound, I believe in it. If we can minimize the everyday laborious works that we do, we can actually focus on Innovation-thats whats gonna drive humanity forward.
This blog is my take on what I’ve been learning while observing Big and Small Startups and my work, sharing my ideas-cause thats exactly what you do instead of buying a 5 dollar notebook-You buy a 50 dollar Domain and Hosting. I am always searching. 
Okay, jokes apart, Here’s a concise list of what you can expect from this Blog:
  • No Pish posh Marketing tactics that have been working for me and other Startups (and also whats not working). From Email Marketing to Social Media to the plain old Direct Mails & Advertising.
  • Latest Tech and Apps to Minimize human effort so that you can focus on-
  • Family
  • Health &
  • Learning

Now I know in some cases I will be a little off or even downright wrong but all I wanna do is wrong and I’d love for people to correct me and show me where I am being wrong at. In the end, all I want is for the community to grow their Minds.

There was no Bitmoji for Grow your mind so I'd have to work with this one.